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Getting Slashdotted

So yesterday's article about the Media Center Bathroom Extender got linked to by the Slashdot homepage. I did it, I sent in a proposed article abotu my latest hack and they accepted it and posted it.

I guess what I have to say is that I now believe in the "slashdot effect". About 30 minutes ago I saw an e-mail from my webhost 1and1:

Subject: [Warning] Traffic limit: 100% reached
Dear Tom Alphin,
You have exceeded your included monthly traffic of 5000 MB (5.00 GB). As you have not provided your credit card details, your Website will be automatically locked. Associated services will be deactivated and your Website will no longer be available online.

You can remove the lock by entering your credit card details on the Control Panel.

In any event, I added a Credit Card to my account and I guess I will be billed 1$ per gigabyte.

The Numbers...

~15000 attacks by Slashdot homepage referrals.
~700 from
~2000 from the actual article on slashdot. (1500 from, 500 from the permanent link.)

P.S. The site with all of the associated small images was 188k. I just removed 15k form each of the four images by simply removing the EXIF data. (using the terribly organized but exceptionally useful exifer). That's a savings of 60k, or 1/3 of the pages footprint. I could have shaved even more space off if I just compressed the images more aggresively.


Hi I am doing the same thing as you from the bath using my wireless enabled PDA to control my PC if you wanna know details i will be glad to share them... but good work anyway !!!

By, at 4:21 AM  

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