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bedroom lighting

The Facts: 12'10.5" across. A queen bed is 5' wide. I think the lights should be about .75' away from the edge of the bed. I think it would be worthwhile to put a switch on both sides of the bed for each of the respective lights.

The Problem: My bed is centered on the wall. I think it looks pretty good that way. Unfortunately, the light switch for the light above the bed is too far to reach from the edge of the bed. Likewise, the light designed to cover the bed area was 1) too low (I hit my head and broke a bulb) and 2) not centerd on the bed.

As it stands right now.

The Plan: As you can see, I already removed the round electrical box where the light used to go. I will soon remove the light switch box too. I will run wires behind the drywall over to the switch on the left side of the bed. From there I will run a wire up to the light just a few inches above.I will do roughly the same thing on the right side of the bed. (I will keep this as a double switch so you can turn off the room lighting from the bed. If I were even more motivated I could wire up 2 switches on both sides of the bed, one to operate the room lights (functioning as 3/4-way switches) and the second to operate the light on that side of the bed.

Mockup showing the Duncan Wall Sconce (150$ each from Crate and Barrel.)

Electrical plan

A Note: I may not need to wire a switch for the wall-mounted lamps because they will likely have a switch of their own. If I were smart I would buy the lights before deciding on the switches.


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