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Distributing audio around the house

One of my long-term goals for the house was to be able to distibute media content around the house. In particular, I wanted to be able to play music throughout the house at once; especially in light of all the time I've been spending at home painting, wiring or fixing things.

I knew that the house had a pair of speaker wires going up to holes built into the closets of the guest room. These holes were meant to aim speakers down into the living room below.

What I didn't realize was the fact that two additional wires were run from the same junction box in the living room. These two wires conveniently run all the way to the master bedroom, with a speaker wire ending on both sides of the sliding glass door. Unfortunately, the wires are of an absurdly low gague for speaker use, but very fortunately, there are 6 wires in each bundle instead of the normal 2 wires.

What I'm gonna do...
This will allow me to install both a pair of speakers inside the bedroom as well as a pair of speakers on the porch for the hot tub.

I have already connected a pair of speakers inside in the bedroom and connected them in the living room to a second older receiver. The older receiver is dedicated to driving audio in the bedroom and is connected to my Media Center PC with an analog 1/8 mini to dual-RCA connection. (In the livingroom, I'm using the Optical Output of the sound card to drive my primary sound system.)

I plan to control the volume and what is playing in the bedroom/porch by acquiring a RF-based IR Transmitter. I have not looked into these devices for range information or cost, but I know they exist.

Wall-mounted speaker outlets will give a professional look to the livingroom.

On the livingroom side, I have found out what wall plates I will need to give the job a professional look. These Speaker Jacks fit inside the same decora-style outlets that I'm using throughout the house. In the bedroom I will probably not bother, opting for only a small holeout of which runs a short segment of speaker wire directly to the speaker.


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