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Baby Steps... HDV > HDDVD on DVD might happen.

My goal remains simple, burn HDV videos off my HD Camcorder onto a HD-DVD compliant disc. I don't own a HD-DVD Burner, so my target is a 4.7 GB DVD-R.

This is thankfully possible. The HD-DVD Spec incudes support for 3x DVD, where HD content is stored on a DVD Disk, but the maximum amount of data that can be read per second is triple that of DVD's.

Link: 3x DVD info on Wikipedia.

My latest finding is a good description of an issue I've seen several places... The difference of PS and TS MPEG data.

In summary, Transport Stream is more robust, and can contain >1 stream of video and >1 stream of audio at the same time. It is meant for transmission in lossy environments. It is used for broadcast HD and as it turns out, HDV Digital Video. HDV does not use the multi-stream capabilities though.

Program Stream is intended for safer environments and does not have the ability to have extra streams. This is the format used on a HD-DVD Disc. I need to convert my .m2t (Transport Stream) captured video files into .mpg (Program Stream) video files for them to work in a HD DVD authoring app.

Link: MPEG-2 Transport vs. Program Stream

Next steps, try and create a disc using these instructions.


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