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Finally, my very own robot!

I just got the sony 200-disc DVD changer for 99$ shipped. (It used to be 1000$, so this is quite a deal.) It is a 200 disc DVD changer with a firewire port that includes native support for Windows Media Center. The intended use is to fill it with DVD's and allow you to access any DVD from within a beautiful Movies Library.

I tried that functionality out and it works fine.

But first, I want to script the robot to rip all my audio CD's.

I tried to use Alex Wetmore's directions to script using the popular EAC Ripper with the Popular LAME encoder. It seemed to be workign fine, but I didn't want to go through WAV+CUE and have to find a way to convert those files into MP3's.

I'm now going on a hunch, that iTunes can be configured to rip an audio Cd whenever it is inserted into the PC. I will leverage the simple MediaChanger utility to simply insert each disc for 10 minutes, ample time for iTuens to rip the contents.


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