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Scripting Audio Cd Ripping

I'm preparing to re-install Windows Vista on my Media Center PC, so it is time to document some of my latest projects. (I will wipe the machine, giving me 2 30gb boot partitions and the remaining ~400gb for data. This should set me up for future OS upgrades.)

I have found a clever, albeit overly simple method for scripting my DVD Changer. The batch files I created will change the CD and wait a few minutes, giving your ripper enough time to rip the CD.

  1. Download Alex Wetmore's MediaChanger app. Unisntall it to a folder on your PC.

  2. Download these batch files I created: batch files for

    • the script takes start and end disc number as parameters. ex: "switch 1 100"

  3. Configure Windows Media Player to rip CD's automatically when they are inserted. I chose lossless WMV. (See Settings.)

  4. Once ripped, I imported the songs into iTunes. This will re-encode the songs since iTunes doesn't understand WMV. (I chose 128kbps minimum VBR MP3's on Highest Quality.)

If I were to rip additional CD's, I could easily notify iTunes that new songs were added and it will convert the new songs.


Well said.

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