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finally, a HDD camcorder that's got decent capacity

Unfortunatley, it comes form the makers of terrible MP3 players and other hodgepodge ugly industrial design products, our friends at archos.

What it is, is a camera/videocamera module for it's line of video/mp3 players. By coupling a cmaera with a hard drive you can shoot stills and videos essentially forever.

UNFORTUNATLEY, this means you have to tote a fairly large device for the quality which you will likely be getting. What i'm waiting for is actually strikingly simple... A camcorder with a hard disk built in. I want it to save in any format I want (mpeg 4 is not the best when you want to do editing with DVD as your eventual target medium) and i want it to be of very high fidelity.

Ofcourse, this is only necessary until digital still cameras catch up in terms of storage (or have a hard disk drive of their own) and just oh so happen to be a great camcorder too.

As a side note, I woder if a hybrid device will ever really be as good a value as two seperate devices. Video requires less megapixelage but dramatically higher framerate (and i'd argue needs to work in lower light situations better) Still cams on the other hand need to be able to shoot just one awesomely crisp shot, and need the pixels to support it. I guess time will tell.
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Name That Gadget

This tiny gadget has saved my data on more than one occasion, proven critical in my I-opener hacking days and is a important part of the ghettohardware toolbox.

You guessed it!, the IDE 40 > 44 pin adapter allows you to plug a notebook hard disk drive into a standard IDE Port.
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